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Waterloo Capital utilizes proprietary cutting-edge technology to enhance client portfolios and effectively manage risk.

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Put Technology & Data to Work For You

In our ongoing effort to refine our views about future market behavior we have employed advanced algorithmic technology. Waterloo Chief Investment Officer, Bennett Woodward CFA, has developed a proprietary quantitative model that uses sophisticated data analysis methods to identify market trends. By leveraging historical data, relevant economic indicators, and real-time market information, the model provides insight on directional changes in the market. This quantitative view of the market strips away the noise and emotion from investing. In a sense, the model brings order to chaos.

The Waterloo Newton Algorithm

The Newton system follows a universe of over 2,000 stocks and 1,000 ETFs. Newton employs advanced quantitative techniques to objectively evaluate each security based on macroeconomic, fundamental, and technical factors. We constantly track data such as market prices, trading volumes, macroeconomic factors, and interest rates. The Newton Algorithm parses the collected data daily and develops a forecast of asset prices over various time horizons.

Newton is designed to identify the securities with the highest probability of outperforming in the future. We utilize the algorithm to supplement the macroeconomic, fundamental, and technical factors analyses. The same methodology provides invaluable insight regarding risk control by identifying sell targets used to protect portfolios from outsized market selloffs. Our proprietary models are traded based on Newton software outputs, bottom-up fundamentals, and technical analysis.

  • INstitutional Investors, Financial Planning

Institutional Investors

Waterloo provides comprehensive investment consulting services for institutional investors. We’re able to offer specialized services and oversight in the design, implementation, and monitoring of investment policies for university endowments, trade associations, private foundations, hospital and health care providers, nonprofit organizations, and cultural institutions. We will work with your team to set an investment policy statement (IPS) that serves as a guide for setting risk/return targets, asset allocation guidelines, investment vehicle parameters, rebalancing procedures, and client-specific goals. We then provide a plan to meet key objectives of the policy statement while maintaining a focus on the mission of the institution.

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