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Waterloo Capital is thrilled to announce Evette Mock-Hernandez has joined the team as Senior Relationship Manager. Evette’s experience as a trusted relationship manager will enhance the Waterloo client experience. With her specialty in developing personalized financial plans, Evette will guide clients through their financial journey. She looks forward to providing a high level of service and commitment toward the financial success of clients...


It’s Been a Grizzly Month... On March 12th we entered the first bear market since the Great Recession. All major stock indexes have fallen more than 25% or more from their peaks in February. Read More

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A groundbreaking article from The Journal of Portfolio Management1 informs us that the stock market is a complex system, or a system that lies somewhere between the domains of pure order and total randomness. Ordered systems are simple and predictable, and random systems are inherently unpredictable.


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What started as a small outbreak of a flu-like virus in China has rapidly spread infections, fear, and uncertainty throughout the globe. Although we have not officially reached “pandemic” levels, according to the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization, the virus appears to be systematically making its way westward out of China. Immediate responses from governments, businesses, and individuals have led to border...

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2020 will be defined by the three C's: Consumer, Credit, and China. The return to a prolonged period of easy money policies and idling central banks lowers the risk for a policy driven recession this year. The global economy back has moved back into a Goldilocks regime where growth is just hot enough to keep us on track and avoid central bank intervention. This environment improves our outlook for cyclical and risk-on assets as consumer...

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A common adage in economics is “there is no such thing as a free lunch”. Although generally true, exceptions do exist. One such exception relates to a Social Security loophole that the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 closed for those born January 2, 1954, or later¹. This loophole remains open for those born January 1, 1954, or earlier. Since this applies to a declining subset of the population, this loophole is receiving progressively less...

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The markets hit the reset button at the end of the year. We expect the sledding to be tough this year, but that doesn't mean that the trip is over. Download our 2019 market outlook today to see where we are finding opportunities and looking out for risks this year.


It has been a wild week for the markets. A global selloff in bonds sparked fears that we are heading into the final innings of the bull market. Major equity markets fell into correction territory and struggled to find support as the week went on, but what has really changed? We review what sparked this turnaround, why it may be an overreaction, and why our long-term outlook for global equities remains positive.


Hedge funds have grown significantly in popularity over the past decade. Total hedge fund industry capital has reached a record level of $2.41 trillion as of Q2 2013. (1) Originally, hedge funds offered little transparency and were limited to sophisticated institutions and ultra-high net worth individuals. Today, hedge funds have become widely accepted among qualified investors. Hedge fund transparency has increased while hedge funds have...