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The failure of Silicon Valley Bank was caused by a run on the bank. The company was not, at least until clients began rushing for the exits, remotely insolvent. But banking is an enterprise that relies as much on confidence as it does liquidity — and if that runs out, the game is over.


Linear regression is a simple statistical method most of us are familiar with if we have ever taken an introductory course in statistics. Linear regression is used to model the relationship between a dependent variable and an independent variable. Suppose you are studying the relationship between the number of hours studied (independent variable) and the score on a math test (dependent variable) for a group of students. In this example, the...


An easy way to determine if an investment is a good deal or not is to compare your forecasted rate of return to a risk free rate such as a 10 year government bond yield.

However sometimes it is hard to come up with an accurate forecasted return because there are so many assumptions that have to be estimated and many have a large impact on the calculation.



Access to our collection of 2022 outlook themes and individual asset class commentaries.

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2022 will be a defining point in the current market cycle. The world is finally moving past the effects of covid and entering a normalization phase for economic growth and monetary policies. We are moving deeper into the middle of the cycle, and the removal of policy support will leave both the stock and bond markets on their own for the first time in years.

Our themes for this year include higher volatility, the Fed, inflation, and...

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Global markets continued climbing higher as we saw another good quarter in Q2. Re-openings and vaccine rollouts continued to fuel growth and positive sentiment for both the economy and the markets. Leading indicators hit multi-year highs across many countries and strong GDP growth projections helped consumer confidence reach levels not seen since before the pandemic. . The optimistic outlook led to positive results for risk-on assets as shown...


Global equity markets carried over positive momentum from Q4 into the new year, as investors continued to buy into the vaccination and reopening narrative. By the end of the quarter, over 17 million COVID vaccines were being administered per day. The rapid rollout increased optimism that the world would be returning to normal in the back half of 2021, which in turn boosted optimism for risk assets. Additional support for equities came from...

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The roaring '20s are back. The global response to COVID from governments and central banks hit the reset button for the global economy, and we are reentering the expansionary phase of the business cycle. This year we are seeing shifts in the market that we have not seen in over a decade. Our 2021 outlook will help you find where to capitalize on investment opportunities, what risks you should look to avoid, and how your portfolio should be...


Waterloo Capital is thrilled to announce Evette Mock-Hernandez has joined the team as Senior Relationship Manager. Evette’s experience as a trusted relationship manager will enhance the Waterloo client experience. With her specialty in developing personalized financial plans, Evette will guide clients through their financial journey. She looks forward to providing a high level of service and commitment toward the financial success of clients...


It’s Been a Grizzly Month... On March 12th we entered the first bear market since the Great Recession. All major stock indexes have fallen more than 25% or more from their peaks in February. Read More