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Waterloo Capital gives clients access to some of the most exclusive private investing opportunities around the Globe.

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Gain Access to Exclusive Opportunities

Waterloo Capital provides access to private market investment opportunities that are generally only available to institutional investors. Waterloo clients invest alongside university endowments, corporate pension plans, and other large organizations. The ability to access top-tier managers is incredibly important because of the dispersion in strategy returns. We’re able to offer access to these unique opportunities because of the relationships we’ve cultivated with some of the best institutional alternative investment managers around the world.

Manager Sourcing & Due Diligence

Because private markets are a relationship driven business it’s crucial to work with a firm that can objectively source managers and perform due diligence. Many times alternative asset managers can unlock better value in opportunistic investment scenarios such as industry specific pricing dislocations. Our due diligence process focuses on the four “P’s”, People, Process, Performance, and Price. Managers are analyzed based on their experience in the industry, historical track record, investor relationships, strategy implementation, and fund pricing. Please email us here to learn more about our current private investment offerings.

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Alternative Portfolios for Individuals

Adding alternative assets to your investment portfolio can give you a competitive edge when it matters most. Alternatives can help mitigate your overall portfolio volatility and the longevity of the assets helps manage risk and return metrics over a long-term investment horizon. Alternative investments add an institutional level of sophistication to your portfolio and are intended to elevate expected returns without increasing risk. A proper allocation of alternative investments helps you when you need it most - during volatile periods, and particularly during crises.

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